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I flew an airplane and went back in time

Well, the title describes half of it and the rest you’d soon discover. Cannot forget the twists in my intestine as the pilot did camel ride maneuver (for the uninitiated it’s the cartoony movement of up and down like a camel hump)  For an adventure...

Into the mountains

I’ve always had a craving for being close to nature, and what better way to experience that than being right between the snowy mountains, lush forests and homes which reminisce 18th century. There’s a charm in seeing how simple life really is when...

A journey so far

I grew up as an poetic soul and not someone who mixed well with everyone else, eventually learned to hone my introvert nature to that of being more conducive to form relationships.

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Exploring Maldives

Exploring Maldives

Table of ContentsUnplanned Adventure I wanted to go on vacation for very long, but the trip to Maldives came out of nowhere. One fine day I got a message from my friend Faisal to discuss a project, the next two days we spent talking about it and one thing led to...

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