Transparency Triumphs: An Unforgettable Tale of Two Hotels

by Jul 6, 2023Life Experiences, Marketing, Travel

Have you ever walked into a hotel room, glanced at the wall and saw… reviews? Well, that’s exactly what you would see if you stepped foot into Indus View Hotel, a small family-owned lodge in Skardu. Now, this might seem peculiar to some, perhaps even a risky choice, as it’s not often you see a hotel placing its feedback front and center for all to see. However, this transparent approach surprisingly echoes a crucial lesson for all businesses – the power of owning customer opinion.

When I arrived at the Indus View Hotel, I was immediately struck by the warmth and friendliness of the staff, an almost tangible feeling that seemed to linger in the air. Even in the face of electricity load shedding, the service didn’t falter. The staff made every effort to ensure that the guests were comfortable and satisfied, transforming what could have been a hindrance into a charming rustic adventure.

As I read the reviews on the wall, I realized something extraordinary – even the negative comments were left untouched. This tangible proof of transparency made it clear that the owners valued all feedback. This act not only fostered a sense of trust, but it also gave the management a chance to learn, adapt, and improve their services.

Only a day earlier, I had stayed at the Luxus Hunza, a top-tier hotel boasting four times the cost of the humble Indus View. Despite the breathtaking natural beauty of the place, my experience was far from perfect. From a neglected bathroom to inadequate room service, the hotel seemed to suffer from a sense of corporate apathy. When I voiced my concerns, instead of resolving the situation responsibly, the manager chose to castigate the floor manager publicly, a spectacle that highlighted the lack of effective leadership.

The contrast between the two experiences couldn’t have been more stark. While Luxus Hunza demonstrated a disregard for customer concerns, the Indus View Hotel embraced them, displaying them proudly for all to see. It was a poignant reminder of how a business can turn the simplest gestures of honesty and transparency into a powerful tool for brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

What the Indus View Hotel understood, and what Luxus Hunza unfortunately did not, was the strength of vulnerability in customer service. By showcasing their reviews, Indus View Hotel showed a willingness to improve and evolve. Meanwhile, Luxus Hunza, behind its lofty prices and grandeur, failed to grasp the significance of handling customer feedback effectively, let alone owning it.

In the world of hospitality, and in any business for that matter, owning and valuing customer opinion is crucial. Not only does it encourage a culture of transparency, but it also allows for consistent improvement based on actual customer experiences. It’s time businesses everywhere took a page out of Indus View Hotel’s book. After all, as the saying goes, “the customer is always right.” And when we truly listen to what our customers have to say, we’re one step closer to delivering a service that’s more than right—it’s exceptional.