Tips for scaling your multi niche e-com stores

by Jan 30, 2018Marketing

Since many of my clients run E-Com sites featuring hundreds if not thousands of products. Mostly selling Aliexpress / Alibaba purchased goods (with a few exceptions who manufacture their own and they are rare)

I’ve been often reached out to help with such, to get them more sales, lower CPC’s and maximize the use of money spent on ads.

🔥 Here are few tips (to save your hard-earned money going to drains by spending even more or hiring ad agencies. Sure, they might help you, but they’d never tell you what hurts their business and that’s to change your mindset towards the game.)

Since you are not focusing on any single niche and are in a general supermarket kind of position.

🔥 It’s best to see if your distribution can be maximized, get listed as an vendor on major e-com sites such as Amazon and eBay (Best is to start with your local giants, for example in Pakistan Daraz, Homeshopping and Yayvo). Find as many as you can and get your products listed there. They have their own traffic, you may get some juice out of it as people are searching all sorts of things on major established brands and prefer to purchase from them in comparison to directly from your own e-com stores.

🔥 As so many of you are in the same market, advertising the same very people. It’s difficult to stand out for sure in this cut throat environment. Pivot your business and see where you can do B2B. Each and every individual will have a different set of professional network, soft skills, capital and physical location.

🔥 B2B is very powerful if done right, you’d just be advertising once, nail the contract with big next-door businesses whom you know can make use of the products you sell. For example, you own an on-line grocery, imagine what’d it do if you could just land in a single client such as an hotel for your business. The cost to acquire and process is almost same as B2C, but the returns are lifelong (or as long you give them what they require as agreed)

🔥 I keep telling, never rely too much on any single platform. Diversify your marketing strategy and most of all pay attention I said marketing not digital marketing. People often forget, off-line events, network, meet ups etc. still work. Yes, they aren’t that easy as click a blue button and set some audiences, but if you start to realize there is a world outside of screens. You’d start making much more than you realize.

🔥 Last but not the least. Please those folks who leave their JOBS and invest their savings just because of the startup hype. Don’t do that without knowing you’d most often fail at your first few attempts, having access to freelancer’s world over you no longer need to hire full time employees until it’s necessary. When your hustle pays more than your job, run it like that for at least six months to a year, save and invest back into your business. When you quit, make sure you have at least a years’ worth of savings, considering your personal and business expenses.