Imagining a world without content marketing

by Nov 13, 2017Marketing, Opinions

Welcome to the fictional world where content marketing or the art of providing valuable content doesn’t exists. If it were to be put in a nutshell, that’d be pure a nightmare for many of us. Let’s take a deep dive into what that world would look like.

Vanilla Internet

No not the ice cream, the Internet will just be filled with corporate jargon. Users will be left in the dark for most part, nowhere would they find anything useful given for free. Masses will have tough time trusting brands if at all and if they do they’d not be sticking around for long.

Forget the Google’s and Yahoo’s

In this apocalyptic world, there will be no one paying as much attention as to what Google and Yahoo thinks of their brands, with not much to index these search engines may not grow to become large enterprises or have the influence on businesses the way they do.

Frustration will take over every other emotion

With every business slapping their product and services in the faces of people, without giving them any context of how their lives will improve/benefit. There will be massive build up of frustration to the extent where it’d make emotionally connecting with businesses a nightmare.

Nothing to unify all marketing activities

Content is akin to glue, without it every other marketing effort will be in the disarray of empty space. Our voyager would not have the golden record that it did, it would be just a speck of aluminum flying into the deep void and eventually making its way to alien life-form who’d remain forever baffled with it.


Gladly we don’t live in that world, in our reality; Content Marketing not only exists but thrives and is now becoming the central focal point for small and large businesses alike.