Gamification Research Paper

by Jun 10, 2019Research

I am super excited to tell the world that my research work on Gamification has been published in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology.  April 2019 | Vol. 97  No.08

Here is the abstract of it

The concept of infusing game elements into non-game applications has been gaining momentum as of lately. In this paper we explore and identify the variables which affect learning experience and how knowing those can help in implementing game mechanics on a Learning Management System (LMS) which is flexible in nature in its operations so that it can be scaled as required using cloud infrastructure. This research tries to assess how, why and where gamification and cloud computing should be best utilized in the context of learning management systems by exploring both existing learning management systems using game mechanics and outlook of how gamification can be used to propel students’ overall learning experience.

I am grateful and will be forever in debt for the ongoing support and assistance in making this research a reality


Click here to read the complete paper.