Don’t raise your daughters as slaves

by Jul 16, 2018Opinions

The following is my reaction to a recent conversation I had with a close friend who confessed about her abusive relationship with her husband.

I had posted the following on Facebook, reposting here. Things like this need to be discussed openly, well this is a serious topic and this needs to be heard.

It makes me super MAD, when again and again I hear stories of violence, physical abuse and cheating in couples.

Just recently one of my close friends confessed that her husband degrades her, physically abuses her and then when I asked her why not tell her parents. She is so scared and closed off



This is what she said

“We live in that society where ppl say k girls should compromise n save their relation. My parents taught me this. Bus shaed thats y im scared”

English translation

“We live in a society where people expect that girls should compromise to save their relationships, their family’s name and perhaps that’s why I am scared. This is what my parents taught me”

I don’t care if any of you feel offended by this, but if anyone in my network is a parent and teaches these values to their daughters then please delete me, I don’t want any of such ill mentality anywhere near me.

Teaching one to compromise is one thing and teaching one the mentality of accepting being VICTIM is not the same thing.

If your daughters and sisters aren’t comfortable opening up to you in saying that she is abused, then you have essentially raised a slave not a free will person.

I wish for a society where we see women who are widows and/or divorced as humans too, where husbands treat their wives not as a commodity but as a blessing.

I wish for a society where women empowerment is not what is usually preached by media becoming shameless or doing some stupid thing just because they want to prove something, I wish a society where women don’t have to prove anything to anyone, where they are safe and use their voice to do better.

I am not feminist not even close, I am just a person who has COMMON SENSE which sadly is very rare now a days.

If you do resonate with the message, please share.

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